Dennis Bingham 2013 through to present day (2020).

A couple of painkillers and we try and put the ache to the back of our minds, but for me it wasn't just a headache. It resulted in a life changing stroke that left my family fearing the worse

I was 53 and had suffered a stroke, my blood pressure was sky high and not regulating, consequently endured another stroke leaving me unconscious. I was always fit and healthy, never imagining anything like this could happen to me. I had major surgery to remove the blood clots in my brain and the outlook was bleak doctors predicted i would only live for maybe 2 years. That was back in 2012 and I am still here. I was in hospital for ten months and was told there was nothing more the team in the NHS could do for me. In there words "what you see is what you get".

My wife was desperate to find me the best Neurological Physiotherapist, and in 2013 I was given Liberty Physiotherapy's number by another Physiotherapist, and that speaks for itself. My initial assessment was carried out by Senior Physiotherapist Tamar Yeknian, and I have been attending rehabilitation Physiotherapy ever since. Tamar initially couldn't understand why other Physio's had forced me to stand when I clearly couldn't even move around. I had no bed mobility or independance. In essence I was set to fail from the off. So rehabilitation began slowly, We worked together in stages towards movement goals. At first all i could do was lift my head off the pillow, Very quickly after the sessions started I began to regain some independance, which motivated me to see more results.

Originally i found it hard to concentrate, and my thoughts would often go blank; becoming tired easily. I wasn't going to let it beat me and i had no intention of just getting on with life in a wheelchair. Tamar's treatment plan involved small, manageable goals, taking my progress bit by bit. Going from lying, to sitting, to eventually standing and once on my feet there was no stopping me. In 2016 I was able to walk every where and i can wash, dry and dress myself. With my wife by my side its been a emotional roller coaster of a journey.

With life in fate's hands, any one of us could go to work and have our lives changed in a second. But with will power, excellent care and good family support I have been able to prove the critics wrong. Tamar has done wonders, she must have angel hands as she's like a walking miracle. She put the belief in me to succeed, I just needed the right professional support.

With Tamar's encouragement i recently achieved one of my main goals, this was to walk back into the NHS rehabilitation centre where i was told i had a non-functional walk. The staff were stunned to see me as based on my scans i shouldn't be able to do what i can. I hope my progress will inspire others who have been written off too early in their recovery.

Life if full of ups and downs, but even if you're having a bad day, which we all go through during any recovery everyone needs encouragement to help them achieve their full potential.

December 2020

Everyone keeps telling me i'm doing well but this year i've started to see a big improvement for myself. Not just with my movement, but i'm more focused and my short term memory has improved that i can now remember my bank card pin number. My speech has improved with the help of Tamar who incorporates speech and memory exercises into our sessions.

Some people may have given up when told "what you see is what you get" but i have never given up even if it has been a struggle at times. In 2016 i managed to walk short distances and climb stairs, but now in 2020 I walk everywhere with only an ankle orthotic support. 

My sessions with Tamar are now about fine tuning and future proofing my abilities to make every day life even easier. I am back in the Gym and currently working towards getting my driving licence back.

I'm still here and i want to live my life, now that I'm 60 you expect some changes to life style but for me things are on the up thanks to Tamar. She has bee brilliant for me and done wonders that i can never thank her for.

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