Colin Draper (2015)


"My rehabilitation experience has been a positive journey thanks to Rotherham clinic, Liberty Physiotherapy. I don't remember much about  what happened  when I became ill in 2009, but my family were told that I had suffered a brainstem stroke. As a non-smoking, fit and healthy man doctors couldn't pinpoint what had triggered my stroke so my recovery couldn't be predicted at first.


After so many weeks in hospital I was told that my rehab recovery had plateaued and nothing more could be done. I should accept my condition's negative outlook and get on with my life. I was sent home with no movement or core balance and no positivity. This was when as my wife Sharon would say we then met GOD. Not in a biblical term but in the form of Charlie King at Liberty Physiotherapy, he took one look at me and said 'have they really sent you home like this?'


My progress was small at first having to work hard with Charlie to rebuild my stength, lengthening and releasing muscles caused by my stroke. Charlie progressed to working on my balance, he never promised he'd have me walking overnight and was always realistic. Its been a slow process  reaching rehabilitation goals one by one, year by year.


My movement has gradually returned, where once I couldn't even hold my own body upright I can now walk unaided. The stroke took away my dominant right side and i've had to re-learn to do everything with my left side, but i've managed it. I've even learned to fish left handed.


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