Neuromuscular Energising Therapy NET

Neuromuscular Energising Therapy NET courses are held at Hollowgate House in Rotherham. There are  4 Training Courses specific to NET

1. Basic      2. Upper Limb    3. Lower Limb    4. Spinal Injury


3. NET Lower Limb course aims to:


  • To enhance existing skills in the concept and application of detailed movement analysis with reference to a reciprocal gait pattern.


  • To develop more advanced handling skills in order to elicit appropriate balance and saving reactions appropriate to a reciprocal gait/ walking.


  • To expand knowledge of the concept and its application with reference to patients with neurological impairment.


    To use suspensions as an assessment and treatment tool for balance disorders in patients suffering neurological impairment.



NET lower limb will enable Therapists to identify and analyse deficits/ deficiencies in postural alignment, dynamic stability and balance reactions caused by tonal deficit and weakness in neurologically impaired patients.


Demonstrate enhanced patient handling skills in facilitating an appropriate response /balance reaction in standingand alternate step standing and describe the mechanisms involved in maintaining balance and postural control in these positions


Demonstrate advanced handling skills in facilitating selective control of hip and knee during reciprocal gait and alternate single leg stance.


Describe the mechanics of postural control and co-ordination vs independent selectivity between body segments.



NET can be successfully used in the Assessment and Treatment of Neurological conditions including:



Multiple Sclerosis

Head Injury

Parkinson’s Disease

Spinal Cord Injury

Gillian Barre Syndrome

Cerebral Palsy


Commonly, patients who have experienced NET techniques describe a feeling of “lightness” and “ease of movement” following treatment.


There is no boundary of length of time following diagnosis or onset of condition to achieving muscle activation and the onset of recovery.


Individuals have been truly shocked and amazed at the results that have been achieved using NET techniques despite having been told that no further recovery is likely or that they have “plateaued”.


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