Arm and Elbow Problems

Arm pain is common and usually happens after an injury or fall. Occasionally it can be a sign of an underlying condition brought on by trauma or may be related to heart problems especially if the pain comes on during exercise.  A number of disorders can affect the elbow. Elbow disorders may involve the arm muscles, elbow ligaments and tendons, as well as the bones in the arm. The treatments for elbow disorders depend on the symptoms and the structures affected. Many conditions are caused by overuse and sports injuries.

The most common causes of arm and elbow pain are:

  • a simple sprain

  • tennis elbow or golfer's elbow (known medically as epicondylitis)

  • bursitis

  • a squashed or trapped nerve

  • angina (when the pain is brought on by exercise)

  • repetitive strain injury (RSI)


A detailed assessment can help to identify the cause of your Arm and Elbow problems and enable us to plan a treatment, stretching and strengthening plan. This will assist in creating strength, agility and mobility whilst speeding up recovery times. Our Neuromuscular Exercise Group Therapy can also help improve movement and maximase fitness and strength.


Assessment and Treatment can be carried out either at our clinic in Rotherham or in your own home. Our Physiotherapists and Rehabilitation Technicians are trained in specialised hands on treatment techniques and approaches, specific to the treatment of Neurological and Musculoskeletal conditions.



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