Hydrotherapy is Physiotherapy exercises in warm water. It can help relieve pain and improve problems related to disability, illness or injury. Warm water therapy has distinctive properties that aid movement of stiff or swollen joints, provides relaxation whilst strengthening weak muscles and alleviate aches and pains. Hydrotherapy  is also beneficial for those who are unable to rehabilitate comfortably on land.



Hydrotherapy can relieve pain and muscle spasm, reduce swelling,

ease movement, strengthening weak muscles whilst also improving




The warmth and buoyancy of warm water will relax tight muscles,

improve circulation and reduce the weight through painful joints.

When in the water you will feel lighter and more supported and the

reduced effects of gravity on painful joints will reduce the stress to

joints allowing a more freer movement not always achieved on land.


Buoyancy aids such as floats, noodles, foam suspension belts and

neck collars can be used as aides, where necessary, to support your

body for both passive and active movement, stretches and

strengthening work.



Hydrotherapy will stimulate your circulation and help reduce swelling

whilst the resistive forces that water provides will convert to an increase

in strength and a lowered perception of  physical exertion.


Many clients continue with land-based and hydro-based physiotherapy in combination with one another. The effects of a treatment programme utilising Hydrotherapy can lead clients to achieving goals that could not otherwise be accomplished.



Hydrotherapy Assessment by our Physiotherapists will help put together a treatment programme specific to your individual needs and goals, which will aid and encourage you to allow your body to respond in a much more effective and efficient way.

Further details on appointments and prices for Hydrotherapy can be obtained by contacting Liberty Physiotherapy direct