Medicolegal and Insurance Service

Liberty Physiotherapy are highly familiar with the different referral processes involved, individual treatment authorisation and the report writing necessary to fulfil service level agreements for a large number of Insurance Companies, Solicitors and Case Managers. Liberty Physiotherapy Limited has robust Company Privacy and Confidentiality Policies in place, therefore communication between each party is guaranteed to be carried out within the strictest of confidence, in accordance with our Professional Standards, Data Protection requirements, and with the full consent of the client concerned. We work closely with all parties involved to ensure that the client is provided with a seamless, specialist service and obtains the optimal physical and emotional outcome from their treatment process.


We may be involved solely as the treating physiotherapist or, we may attend team meetings and case conferences should more complex, longer-term cases require this level of involvement. Our specialist physiotherapists are also able to risk-assess a client’s home/ living environment prior to community-based physiotherapy taking place, and provide the relevant documentation and reports to support this.


Clinical reports can be provided by the treating physiotherapist upon request from the referring party, in line with their service level agreements These may simply include brief details of our assessment findings and our recommendations for treatment/management, or may comprise more detailed information regarding a clients presentation, needs and our professional recommendations for longer-term rehabilitation and how their needs may be met in the future.


Cases that we receive range from acute and chronic whiplash injuries, to acquired traumatic brain injuries ( in both adults and children) and clients with multiple injuries and more complex needs requiring longer-term rehabilitation. As such, we have dedicated musculoskeletal and neurological specialist physiotherapists working within both these fields.


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Liberty Physiotherapy is recognised by all major private health insurers, including Westfield Health, etc

All of the services at Liberty Physiotherapy are supported by full professional accreditation, membership and qualification.