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 Personal and Professional Development courses in Neuromuscular Energising Therapy NET are available to Physiotherapist who want to progress and enhannce their physiotherapy techniques. NET  is a unifying approach to neurological and musculoskeletal therapy by the investigation of the dynamics of movement through “hands-on” therapy in combination with functional anatomy and movement analysis.


Here at Liberty Physiotherapy we are aware that the need for hands on therapy is not soley the role of the Physiotherapist, therefore we offer training in NET to individuals who work as Rehab/Physio Assistants and also have a Carers training programme in NET.


Liberty Physiotherapy value any feedback relating to the NET training courses and have had some positive, interesting and thought provoking evaluations: 




Neuromuscular Energising Therapy NET

Training Courses:






  • NET For Carers


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Testimonial  (November 2013)


Hi Charlie,Thank you for a very interesting and enjoyable course. I have been pondering ever since what it was I got from it and felt to share with you what has come up for me. Many of the components of the course were familiar to me - especially from my background working in paediatric neurology - yet how you put it together was very new. I connected immediately to its simplicity and its potential for deep change for the patient. What I particularly liked and found refreshing was the continuous interplay between physio and patient. There was a constant sensory dialogue, a dance of kinds and as a therapist a constant commitment and responsibility through sight and touch to respond to the patient and call for more......... read more.........


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