Neuromuscular Exercise Group Therapy

Neuromuscular Exercise Group Therapy aims to improve movement of the whole body and maximise fitness and strength. We take into consideration the whole body and encourage a positive mental attitude (not CAN'T - always I'LL TRY).


Classes are suitable for any one who has deficits due to Stroke, Head Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, Other Neurological Conditions and Musculoskeletal problems.


To take part in the classes at Liberty Physiotherapy you will need to be medically stable, everyone who joins the class will be assessed beforehand. Whilst the classes are group based, 1:1 exercise work may be needed sometimes and this is assessed on each individuals range of movement.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Liberty Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Technicians hold a regular classes in the gym on the first floor of Hollowgate House every Thursday at 10:15hrs and 11:30hrs. The classes are  usually a group of 6 - 10 people all with varied cognitive/physical challenges.  Each session will begin with a warm up period followed by upper/lower body stretches/exercises in sitting and standing. Balance and Stability will factor greatly and there will be a combination of movement exercises which will consider the individual needs/abilities.


Taking part in an exericse group can be daunting and scary, especially when movement can be difficult and painful. We encourage having family/friend/carer present, this can be beneficial to all as trust and confidence in those close to you is essential to achieve your full rehabilitation potential.


The Group is about:

  • FUN - its not all serious, we encourage laughter and the feel good factor.

  • SOCIAL INTERACTION - talking to each other, finding you have things in common.

  • EDUCATION - understanding what/why/how, accepting that its ok to be helped sometimes.

  • MOTIVATION - encouraging, supporting and praising each other to do well even when things become hard. 


If a group environment is what you are looking for then contact us for more details.
We know we can help make a difference.