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Liberty Physiotherapy is recognised by all major private health insurers, including Westfield Health, etc

All of the services at Liberty Physiotherapy are supported by full professional accreditation, membership and qualification.

What our clients say about us:

Colin Draper (2015)

"My rehabilitation experience has been a positive journey thanks to Rotherham clinic, Liberty Physiotherapy. I don't remember much about  what happened but my family were told that I had suffered a brainstem stroke. As a non-smoking, fit and healthy man doctors couldn't pinpoint what had triggered my stroke so my recovery couldn't be predicted at first. After so many weeks in hospital I was told that my rehab recovery had plateaued and nothing more could be done. I should accept my condition's negative outlook and get on with my life. I was sent home with no movement or core balance and no positivity. This was when as my wife Sharon would say we then met GOD. Not in a biblical term but in the form of Charlie King at Liberty Physiotherapy, he took one look at me and said 'have they really sent you home like this?' ...........Read more.........

Dennis Bingham (2015)

"I suffered two intracranial bleeds in 2012 and doctors feared I would not wake up. The outlook looked bleak. I was in hospital for 10 months and I had been left with severe cognitive / physical disabilities I received minimum physio therapy from the NHS and was told I had a non functional walk and there was nothing they could do. Unfortunately they were very negative about my condition and quickly discharged me. At this point we sought Private Physiotherapy. Tamar at Liberty Physiotherapy has provided me with therapy sessions on a weekly basis and my condition has improved immensely. Without the magnificent input from Tamar I would be in a VERY dark place! Tamar has worked so very hard with me using all her physical/mental techniques! With Tamar's encouragement I have achieved one of my main goals, walking back into the NHS rehab centre where I was told I had a non-functional walk. It has been an emotional rollercoaster, but Tamar has given me a new lease of life and hope for the future"

James Hewitt (2014)

" After a freak accident left me with the prospect of being wheelchair bound for life, Charlie King is helping me make the impossible a reality. Charlie's approach using Neuromuscular Energising Therapy (NET) has given me the motivation and education to keep going. Charlie has been helping me beat the odds since I sustained my injury back in 2013, at 29 years old I was at a fundraising event in my home town of Retford when my whole world turned upside down. What should have been harmless fun on a bouncy castle ended in catastrophe, with an accidental knee to the back of my neck resulting in me being air lifted to Coventry Hospital. I always remember my partner Emaleen saying to me just before i got on the bouncy castle, " don't you dare go injuring yourself when we go on holiday tomorrow."  Little did I know what would happen next.going even through the hard times and the outlook is a lot brighter now"  ....read more.......